Agriculture: The Backbone of Society

Agriculture: The Backbone of Society

The backbone of any society is agriculture. It is a science that pertains to the cultivation of the soil, growing crops, and raising livestock. Agriculture involves the preparation of crops and livestock products from processing up to market distribution for human consumption. These are a few of the reasons showing the importance of agriculture in human lives.

Agriculture is the main source of food supply for a country. It is the most important factor of any country as food is a basic need. Crops such as corn, fruits, rice, vegetables, and wheat are gained through farming. Humans can have livestock products like eggs, milk, meat by raising cattle, carabao, pigs, and poultry. Countries that give serious attention to it rarely experience food shortages and have fewer citizens who suffer from hunger. While places that neglect this sector often experience food shortages and hunger.

The agriculture sector provides jobs for

It is the main source of raw materials, which is a major part of international trade. Raw materials such as cotton, fiber, sugar, wood, palm oil, or vegetable oil are important to manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies. Wood is a useful raw material for constructing shelters, while fiber from plants can be made into clothes that protect humans from different weathers. These raw materials are imported and exported by different countries, exchanging what they have for goods they don’t possess. That’s why this sector contributes largely to many countries’ national income.

The agriculture sector provides jobs for individuals, whether it be farming, fishing, manufacturing, or researching, this industry can play a key role in it. Most developing countries’ economies are anchored in this sector by producing goods, processing them for human consumption, trading raw materials with other countries, all these deeds already employ many of their citizens. Therefore, if a country’s government wanted to address its unemployment rates, it should provide agricultural jobs to its residents.

Agriculture: The Backbone of Society

This industry plays an important role in a country’s development. When trading of goods, national income, and employment are applied wisely, countries can lower their poverty rates, lifting their economies in return. Ensuring a country’s food source is also important in lifting its economy because individuals become more productive when their needs are being satisfied. If their needs such as food, shelter, clothes, and jobs are met, their performance increases, public unrest also decreases. The more satisfied their citizens are, the more productive they will become in contributing to the development of their countries.

A country will see great improvements in the state of its citizens, even in its economy, if they do not neglect the state of their agricultural sector. Industrialization is not wrong, but the two industries should be developed accordingly without neglecting either of them. Agriculture is the cornerstone of most industries, if it became neglected, not only will the citizens suffer from poverty, but they will suffer from unemployment too. These occurrences will create a chain reaction that will cause an economy to collapse. This is how significant agriculture is to society.